Management Services

Project Management

Our subject matter experts harness their collective experience and engage key tools to deliver results providing dynamic solutions and solving critical issues by applying project management tenants and defining creative and unparalleled solution sets for the customers. 

Strategic Planning

SHEPRA delivers outcomes that grow, optimize and protect your business. We assist our clients in realizing benefits and transforming strategy into substantive and continuous value. SHEPRA converts our clients’ goals, strategies, pursuits, and ventures into reality.   

Business Case Analysis (BCA)

Our direct hands-on approach builds relationships and trust through frequent client interactions and site visits. BCAs are built from the ground up based on knowledge gathering, market assessments, extrapolating key information from market intelligence, and delivering a superior product that addresses the client’s concerns. Our BCAs capture and consolidate this essential intelligence and research into a report and delivery of various communication products to ensure a satisfied customer each and every time. 

Lean methodology

We advise leaders at government agencies and companies to shape and implement cross-functional, data-driven solutions that  provide our clients an effective and relevant boost in a changing world. SHEPRA’s approach to value transformation includes continuous process improvement and a human-centered design to enable innovation. We accelerate transformative thinking, while inspiring a culture of continuous improvement to drive regenerative innovation. 

Disaster Response Services

Risk Management

Accurately defining and weighing associated risks within a critical market and/or industry is essential to overall success. We clearly define the types and levels of risk, associate with critical issues and impacting events; providing a set of solutions, whether it be a policy shift or a requirement for a strong risk mitigation or long-term investment strategies.

Supply chain management

We are experts in identifying and mitigating supply chain management issues. Our core business is conducting comprehensive studies to enhance supply chain operations and aggressively mitigate risk. We have an outstanding cadre of highly seasoned staff specializing in data management, business analytics, manufacturing operations, weapons systems program management and engineering support services.

customer surveys

SHEPRA has over 13 years of creating dynamic large and small client-requested surveys, which address critical issues that affect organizations and their customer base. By reviewing the results of these surveys, we have been able to support our clients in applying meaningful solution sets or options to previously unresearched decisions.

impact studies

Manufacturing is subject to severe weather and geographic risks that can impact the supply chain and the downline availability of critical products and goods. Production disruptions can occur from direct physical damage resulting from severe weather and flooding, wildfires, earthquakes and other events; utility service interruptions, reduction in work force, and logistics and transportation infrastructure damage -ultimately resulting in lost profits from broken supply chains and absent business customers. The past few years have been especially noteworthy in terms of supply chain risks. A number of corporations are still reeling from natural disasters and global events that rocked suppliers over the past year.  

Technology Services

Engineering Support Services

SHEPRA has extensive experience in the aerospace and defense, biomedical device and automotive industries designing and manufacturing components, devices and systems. This includes extensive experience in materials and manufacturing using conventional processes in addition to Additive Manufacturing.  

Additive Manufacturing

Additive Manufacturing has been identified as a transformative technology in the way military and commercial systems are developed, procured manufactured and sustained in the field. SHEPRA has developed a patented process to incorporate nanomaterials into the Additive Manufacturing process to improve the mechanical and physical performance.  

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