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Supply Chain Risks & Solutions

The economic and global health crisis, severe weather events, and other supply chain disruptions have and will continue to affect all industries. Whatever your supply chain risk assessment needs, SHEPRA, Inc.’s experts are here to help find solutions.

Recovering from COVID-19 Disruptions

As the current economic and global health crisis now has a foreseeable end, it is time for affected industries to begin preparing for a “new normal,” and to reevaluate requirements and gaps. Some businesses have struggled to hold on, while others are struggling to manage rapid growth. Whatever your current organizational needs, SHEPRA, Inc.’s experts are here to help.

Whether your organization is struggling to secure critical products from overseas, you need to restructure your organization to maximize output, or you need professional support to execute and analyze customer surveys, you can trust SHEPRA, Inc. to guide your success now and always with a customized solution.

Severe Weather Damage Predictive Assessment

Critical supply chain infrastructure is subject to severe weather and geographic risks that can impact critical parts availability, customer deliveries, and customer satisfaction. A predictive vulnerability assessment was required as critical materials and parts manufacturers, particularly sole or single source vendors, have experienced production disruptions due to severe weather events, such as flooding, tornadoes, hurricanes, etc. causing utility service interruptions, manufacturing shutdowns, and transportation infrastructure damage.

SHEPRA, Inc. has Identified supply chain risks and vulnerabilities, with alternative sources of supply. We developed a risk profile by vendor dependent on geographic location and critical parts requirements and analyzed potential impacts to the industrial base on a predictive basis. SHEPRA, Inc.’s recommendations allowed for risk mitigation strategies for industrial base stabilization of critical parts during severe weather events.

SHEPRA, Inc. can help OEMs reduce severe weather risks and impacts on parts delivery, damage, and mitigation of liability.